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Using Yubikey on Ubuntu 20.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yubico/stablesudo apt-get updateYubiKey Manager (GUI) cd ~/Downloads/ wget chmod +x ~/Downloads/yubikey-manager-qt-1.1.5-linux.AppImageYubico Authenticator sudo apt-get install yubioath-desktopYubiKey Personalization Tool sudo apt-get install yubikey-personalization-guiConfirm libu2f-udev is already installed: sudo apt install libu2f-udevDownload U2F-rule-file from Yubico GitHub:
1 min read

Setup Go-Shadowsocks on Ubuntu 20.04

Before we startGet a server Docker are goinbg to setup Go-Shadowsocks-2. It is 2nd version Shadowsocks written in Go-Lang. shadowsocks/go-shadowsocks2Modern Shadowsocks in Go. Contribute to shadowsocks/go-shadowsocks2 development by creating an account on GitHub.GitHubshadowsocksSetup servermkdir ~/shadowsocks-server/ cd ~/shadowsocks-server/
2 min read

Setup Cloudflare CDN protected Trojan-Go with Docker on Ubuntu 20.04

Before we startGet a server Docker your Cloudflare account and domain-name Trojan-Go serverCreate Docker-Compose configuration fileCreate docker-compose.yml which contains the official Trojan-Go image, and a NGINX web server. mkdir -p ~/trojan-go/ nano ~/trojan-go/docker-compose.
4 min read

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