Connecting to remote host via SSH using Putty on Windows

  • Run Putty
  • Enter the IP address of the remote host in "Host Name (or IP address)" field.
    Default port is 22, if you have not changed it during SSH server setup.
  • You can enter a name in the field under "saved sessions", and click "Save", so you can use the setting next time without typing everything again.
  • Click "Open" to connect to the remote host.
  • If you are first-time connecting to the server, you will see this alert. Click "Yes.
  • If you see this again in the future, it means something has changed.
    (e.g. IP address of the remote host) You should pay attention if the change is normal.
  • Enter "username",  hit [ENTER].
  • Enter "password" (or use a SSL key), hit [ENTER].
  • If you see $ or # waiting for your input, you should have signed-in successfully.
  • To disconnect, type "exit" and hit ENTER.