Creating server on Vultr

Creating server on Vultr

Create an account if you do not have one yet.

Click on the + button and select Depoly new server to create a new server instance.

Select server type. For general use, choose "cloud compute".

Select server location. Choose the one nearest to you or your customer.

Select operation system. Ubuntu 20.04 is recommended. Selecting an OS, you can install anything onto one single server instance, but you have to handle everything by yourself. For the ease of setup, you may select Application instead of OS as well.

Select server size. It really depends on your need. The $10 one should perform very well. If you just need to do some simple task, the $5 one should be good to go.

Select SSH key (for connecting to the server). Using SSH key is much more secure instead of using password.

If you don't have one yet, follow this guide to generate one.

Generating SSH key on Windows
* Download and install Putty if you haven’t: * Run Putty key generator * The larger “Number of bits in a generated key”, the more different to be cracked. Please use at least 2048. 4096 is recommended. * Click “Generate”, …
How Do I Generate SSH Keys?
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Click "Deploy Now". Other options could be modified later when needed.

Wait until the staus becomes "Running". Copy the IP address to connect to it via SSH.

Connecting to remote host via SSH using Putty on Windows
* Download and install Putty Direct link 64-bit [] 32-bit […