Generating SSH key on Windows

  • Run Putty key generator
  • The larger "Number of bits in a generated key", the more different to be cracked.
    Please use at least 2048. 4096 is recommended.
  • Click "Generate", move the mouse cursor over the blank area until you see your key.
  • Copy the text inside the "Key" text box.
    This is your "public key", which starts with "ssh-rsa".
    Make sure you copy all the text.
  • You can enter "key comment" or "key passphrase".
    If "key passphrase" is specified, using the key requires entering password.
    Click "Save private key" to save a ".ppk" format key.
    NEVER give your private key to others!
  • To use your key, launch Pageant.
    Direct link 64-bit 32-bit
    It will load and show in the notification area.
    Double-click to open its main window.
  • Choose your private key.
  • The private key is loaded and ready to be used.
  • Public key is for others. Private key is for yourself. DON'T MIX THEM UP!

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