Raspberry-Pi set-up

  • Please prepare a micro-SD card and a good quality power adapter and USB cable. Failing to provide sufficient power may cause the system unstable.
  • Download the OS which suits your need
    NOOBS: an installer with user interface. good for beginner
    Raspbian: multi-purpose system you can make anything on
    Ubuntu / MATE: just like Raspbian, but in different flavour
    OSMC / LibreELEC: make your PI into a media player
  • Run Etcher, select the downloaded image (.img), choose the micro-SD card, Flash!
  • Remove the micro-SD card from your PC, plug it into the PI.
  • Connect any input device (keyboard, mouse) if you need.
  • Connect HDMI cable if you need screen output. Connecting HDMI after USB won't work.
  • Finally, connect the USB power cable.
  • Wait for initialization. Then it is ready for use!