Safeguard your identity when using Telegram

  • Create Telegram account with a phone number without associating with your identity.
  • Add a "username". Share "username" instead of "phone number" to others.
  • There are a lot of options inside the "Privacy and Security" page.
  • Never let other search you by phone number. A simply computer program can search telephone numbers one by one easily. Choose "My Contacts" or "Nobody".
  • You may not want other knowing your online state, or even worse, knowing you by observing the state and people using phones nearby. Set to "My Contacts" or "Nobody".
  • If you use your face as profile photo, and set to "Everybody"...
  • Your messages may be forwarded. If you don't want your profile is linked with the forwarded messages, please select "Nobody".
  • People nearby may observe your location if your phone rings. Select "My Contacts" or "Nobody".
  • This option is up to your choice.
  • Choose the shortest time you consider acceptable for "Delete my account if away for". Even you cannot touch your phone for a period of time, the time your data at risk could be limited.
  • Choose "No perviews" for map and link. Loading previews may leak your IP address, online state, etc.
  • Under certain condition, network may be a rare resource. Try to limit the use of network by not downloading media.