Use Linux on Chrome OS with crouton

Navigate to crouton project page

Click the link to download crouton

Run crouton and it will install automatically.

The command below:
-e means enable encryption
-t means the extensions to be installed
-r the Linux distribution going to install (xenial by default)
-n the name you give the installed Linux

sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -e -t keyboard,touch -r bionic -n LINUX

To update (e.g. install extra extensions), add -u

sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -u -t xiwi -n LINUX

Run desktop if xenial with unity is installed

sudo startunity

To start command line only

sudo startcli

To switch between Linux desktop and Chrome OS

CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Backward

To exit the desktop environment, logout.

If the color becomes strange, press until normal

CTRL + SHIFT + Reload

To run a specific path or executable without starting the whole desktop

sudo enter-chroot xiwi /path/to/executable

To run it in a Chrome browser tab

sudo enter-chroot xiwi -t /path/to/executable