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Setup Go-Shadowsocks on Ubuntu 20.04

Before we startGet a server Docker are goinbg to setup Go-Shadowsocks-2. It is 2nd version Shadowsocks written in Go-Lang. shadowsocks/go-shadowsocks2Modern Shadowsocks in Go. Contribute to shadowsocks/go-shadowsocks2 development by creating an account on GitHub.GitHubshadowsocksSetup servermkdir ~/shadowsocks-server/ cd ~/shadowsocks-server/
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Setup Cloudflare CDN protected Trojan-Go with Docker on Ubuntu 20.04

Before we startGet a server Docker your Cloudflare account and domain-name Trojan-Go serverCreate Docker-Compose configuration fileCreate docker-compose.yml which contains the official Trojan-Go image, and a NGINX web server. mkdir -p ~/trojan-go/ nano ~/trojan-go/docker-compose.
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使用太空卡開設帳號交換聯絡時,使用帳戶名稱,而非電話號碼喺"Privacy and Security"入面,有好多設置選項為免被撞出電話號碼,請設成 "My Contacts" 或 "Nobody""Last Seen & Online" 請設成 "My Contacts" 或 "Nobody".如果唔想全世界知你個樣,"Profile Photo" 請設成 "My Contacts"唔想俾人轉寄嘅訊息連結返自己度,"Forwarded Messages" 請設成 "Nobody"你附近嘅人可以根據響聲搵你所在位置,建議設成 "My Contacts" 或 "Nobody"將 "Delete my account if away for" 設定為 "1 month",即使有一段時間用唔到電話,
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